We continue our industry publishing life, which started in 2010, with the Dijiport Media Group,

Which we established in 2020. Our first formation, our Digital News Portal, is on Dijiportmedya.com The industry's most up-to-date investment agendas and plans;
• Sectoral Technical Articles
• Special application examples for special processes
• More than 100 success stories realized in different facilities.
• We have included more than 4000 interviews in the categories of 'Process Solutions', 'Digital Transformation', Robotic Applications, Maintenance Solutions and Energy.


On our portal;
• 1000 visitors per day (2021 average)
• Average of 650 reads per article (2021 average)
• All of our content is instantly available to our readers from Bundle News and Google News, as well as Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Up to our portal (2021 Data)
• More than 100 different success rules
• More than 300 brand interviews
• Over 500 technical articles and advice management
• More than 1600 current industry news
• More than 600 technology news
• We have included more than 300 investment news.

In the continuation of our portal, we are trying to increase our development with our first Solution publication, Proses magazine.


In our monthly Process Solutions magazine, the first edition of which was published in January 2020;

In measurement - control and automation issues for industrial facilities;
• Product
• System
• Software
• About turnkey solutions
• Technical article
• Product introduction
• Application examples
• We provide product and brand advertisement services.

In September 2021, we started the publication of our other printed publication product, Digital Factory Solutions.​


In our Digital Factory Solutions magazine;
• Robotic Production,
• Autonomous Systems and Intelligent Storage,
• Cyber ​​security,
• Artificial Intelligence Solutions,
• MES and ERP Systems,


To companies operating in their fields;
• Technical article
• Product introduction
• Application examples
• We provide product and brand advertisement services.


In both of our magazines, we make monthly sectoral determinations to inform our readers about the current developments and agenda in the sector;
1- Cargo distribution of our printed magazines
2- In our e-journal format;
• The 'My Magazines' category of our news portal
• With the Turkcell Dergilik application
• We deliver it to all our readers through our Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 



To be published on our YouTube channel in June 2020
• Talking Products
• Engineering Solutions
• How does it work? We started posting your videos.


Talking Products
• We ensure that users are informed with an average of 10-minute product promotion videos.


Up to the present;
• 38 promotional videos with 20 different companies were released
• 2000 average viewing figures are available. 


Engineering Solutions
With conversations focused on systems and engineering solutions;
• An average of 15 minutes
• We broadcast 4 videos from 4 different companies
• Viewing figures are around 2000 on average.


How does it work?
It consists of an average of two-minute promotional videos containing simple, commissioning, setup and usage information for a specific product.


Factory / Facility Promotional Films
We started shooting factory and facility promotional videos with our developing technical equipment and staff.
• We offer a truly professional shooting service with indoor and outdoor fixed and motion (4K and Gimbal Drone) shots.